Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The best month of my life - August 28, 2013


Can you believe I have been here a month! It feels like just yesterday that I left. But at the same time, i feel I have learned an incredible amount in the last four weeks.

First off, we committed our investigator Michael to baptism! Can I get an amen?? It was awesome. Also, we got to go out on the streets of Sao Paulo on Friday and talk to people! Real people, can you believe it! With real portuguese! Haha. All I know is, I would not have been able to do that had I gone to Provo for missionary training. So i'm really grateful. Okay an experience from talking with the people: Sister Chatwin and i were walking around and we come across this painfully drunk lady who also probably had some sort of dimentia, and she is just throwing rocks at this yellow van and yelling things! We were like...uh.....what do we do?? So we just tip toed quietly behind her and then turned right. It was quite the experience. People are genuinely so nice and they always wonder what are americans trying to speak our language doing here?? We had some good conversations with people. I already am in love with brazil and the people here!

Last p day, Elder Wood and I saw a box of 24 full size milky ways. We went back and forth..should we get it, or should we not? Well, since milky way is both of our favorite candy bar, of course we splurged. It was a killer deal: each of us only paid 7 bucks! haha. I now have 8 milky ways left after giving some to the new americana girls here. We took some pictures with all the milky ways so i'll send those in a few weeks. American candy is a treasure here! Also, in the mornings sometimes we make paninis with bananas and milky ways with the bread that is to DIE for. It sounds weird, but it's pretty good! (or maybe my taste buds are ruined by now. it's totally possible :) especially because we just had lunch and my district scarffed it down while the new americans barely touched theirs. They just have to wait until they realize they won't get anything else. haha )

One of the Elders in my district was made Zone Leader on Sunday! So that's cool. Basically that means he is over a big group of Americans that's here.

I have to tell you, this email is so awesome. Currently we are all in a pact to speak only portuguese until we leave the CTM. seriously. only portuguese. I have a love hate relationship with this. However, I know I am improving. So, to enforce the law, we made a cone of shame that says (in portuguese) "I spoke english...what shame!" and you have to wear it if you speak. it's hilarious. At least we can have fun when we can't speak our own language.

So they try to help us americans feel at home by ocassionally giving us hot dogs or hamburgers. The other night we were in line to get food and sister willette says, "are these hamburgers or spamburgers?" HA! wouldn't i like to know.

It's funny because the verb esperar means to wait. So all the latinos and brazilheiros always use a form of that verb to say "wait!" turns out "espere" is how they say sperry as well. So the big joke is always to say sperry espere! Or "Sperry wait!!" they all get a kick out of that.

I want to express my sincere gratitude for being here on a mission. I have learned more about myself, others, and life in general in these 4 weeks than ever before. It is miraculous how fast I am learning portuguese. I love this work. I laugh every single day, all the time. I am truly grateful to have my family and friends, and realize now how much they mean to me. You all are incredible. Keep up the good work!

"For this is my life and my light, my joy and my salvation, and my redemption from everlasting wo" -Alma 26:36

Love always,

Sister Sperry

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