Tuesday, October 1, 2013

HELLO FROM BEBEDOURO! - September 10, 2013

Hi family!
I don't have any time to write, but just know that I am SO in love with being here! I love it so so much. Minha companheira, sister Tooker, is incredible. She is finishing her mission in 3 months, and I am so lucky that she is my trainer for my first area in the field. Her portuguese is incredible, and she is the leading missionary in the field. We have been called as Sister Trainer Leaders here over all the sisters, so i'm stoked for that! Essentially that means we check in on the sisters and make sure all things are going smoothly in every aspect. I am basically running on one hour of sleep, but I know i'll sleep good tonight!! We are officially opening this area here with another set of sisters, so I am incredibly excited. There are so many people to talk to! President and Sister Brum are absolutely awesome. I already feel such a strong friendship with them. We had an awesome lunch with them after some orientation at the mission office. after interviews with the president, we went to go be put with our trainers and here I am a few hours later, writing this email to you all! I am so excited to start the work here. It is real. What a week it's been. I can tell you that flying into Rib. Preto was surreal. It is more gorgeous than anywhere i've ever been. It felt like, "welcome home sister sperry. You've been waiting your whole life to be here."
Love you all. I will write next monday!
Sister Sperry

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