Tuesday, October 1, 2013

One word to describe our zone: poder (power). - September 23, 2013

Hello to all you lovely people :)
Okay, I have lots of pictures to send to you today, so let`s hope this works. First off, September 18 was the independence day of Chile, and one of the sisters that lives in our house with us is Chilean! so what did we do? We made empanadas of course! It was great. Last tuesday was our first zone meeting, and guess who just happened to be in my zone? Drum roll....Zach Labrum! Haha it was way fun to talk with him. One of the first things he asked me was, So how are you liking the food here? Spoken like a true Elder. Our zone has a really special thing to accomplish by the end of this year. The leaders of our Zone said that President Brum used one word to describe our zone: poder (power). Our mission is to make a third stake of members here in Ribeirao! How cool is that?? He told our leaders that he only put really hard working, obedient missionaries in our zone, so i´m super excited.

Today we did lots of fun things with the members! We went to a park with a really pretty lake and took some fun pictures. I will try and send some!

We have been working our little tails off here in our little country side Bebedouro. We contacted (which just means we were meeting and talking with people on the street) a lady named Eliani, and she doesn~t seem super interested but her son Luis is AWESOME. He has 14 years.The first night we came to their house we had an activity with the members and we invited him to come with us after our visit that night. He was like, sure why not! Next visit we watched the first vision video about Joseph Smith with him and at the end he had tears in his eyes and couldn~t even speak. It was really a neat experience to see and feel that he knew it was true. That night we gave him a Book of Mormon and he prayed. The next day we held our english class and he brought his book of mormon with him! He also brought it to church on Sunday :) He is really an awesome kid and i can~t wait to see what happens with him. Also, we had 15 people at church on sunday and 5 of them were investigators (non members). I was like, what is this!! This is awesome! :)

Sister Tooker got a package last week and guess what...her mom sent PEANUT BUTTER. It~s really a huge deal...because they don~t have it here! They try, but it`s not nearly the same. Anyways, we have been eating it by the spoon and the jar is half gone :) It really is the little things...

Yesterday we were talking with some guys on the street and one of them said I want to practice my english with you. So I said, okay go ahead! He says, `he is beautiful.`.......then Sis. Tooks says, I think you meant to say SHE is beautiful. And then he points to me and says oh no!! Yes yes, you are very beautiful sister and you are not a guy. hahah. Also, today I was showing a member some pictures of me at the CTM. He says, oh sister, you were a little fatter at the CTM! They are pretty direct here but i guess it~s good news! haha oh the good times on the mission. Anyways, this is incredibly hard but i am trying to find joy in the journey, Dad! Every day I laugh and enjoy this breathtaking country i~m in. The gospel is true! I could not be more proud to be representavie of Christ! Love you all so much.

Sister Sperry

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